I’m a hugeeee fan of Burberry lip glosses as I was impressed by their make-up line, I didn’t expect it to be honest but it grew to become one of my favourite make-up brands at the moment, I’m in love with their lip glosses, blushes and lipsticks. They have a lot of matte finishes and those are hard to find at the moment since mostly all brands are leaning towards illumines, shimmery looks. The quality is at its best, the packaging is very sleek and the range is fantastic, It’s not a huge collection but it is a keeper’s collection I highly recommend passing by their counter and trying some products for yourself  🙂

I have here 4 of their lip glosses which I love,

No. 17  Bright Plum, it’s a deep berry colour with no shimmer and pretty opaque

No. 16 Ruby, it’s a solid red! Pretty opaque not shimmery I would say it’s deep red rather than bright red

No. 09 Nude Beige and this is my personal favourite and one of my top 5 lip glosses of all time! It compliments any lipstick you wear under and it looks great when worn alone

No. 15 Nude Gold, this lipgloss is more sheer than opaque, it will add a golden shimmer to any lipstick you wear under, it’s a fun finish to use to glam up your lipstick!

Have you used any of Burbbery’s products? How did you find them?