Hello ladies! 


One of the most difficult things in Riyadh is to find a good clean place or service to do your nails. I am a bit too picky when it comes to my nails, what is most important to me is cleanliness and a good technician. I don’t usually take risks with my mani pedi appointments but I do try some new places if I heard good reviews about them! 

Here is a short list of the best places to do your nails in Riyadh, I will keep on updating it 


AlManahil Salon: The oldest and most reliable Spa in Riyadh! I think most of you have visited AlManahil at least once. Cleanliness is superb, service is excellent but finding appointments can be tricky as they’re usually booked solid so you have to book in advance. What I like about AlManahil is that you have the choice of having your nails done at the spa or at home! 

 Four Spa: I like this place, its very clean, quiet and relaxing. Although its too quiet for my taste, it doesn’t have the nail salon vibe but it has a retreat kind of vibe if you know what I mean? Which is great but I do miss the buzz salons usually have. As for their service I like it a lot, I have tried different nail treatments and they are all very good. Their technicians are excellent which is extremely important. They have 3 branches ( DQ, King Faisal Hospital, and Takhasosi Street). What I most like about Four Spa is  that I can book my appointments online! Super convenient! I just wish they provide home service!


Noon Home Spa: My current favorite! Cause lets be real, sometimes you just want to stay in and you want to do you nails and watch Netflix, so Noon is my go-to place! I love the fact that all I need to do is to send them a Whatsapp! Doesn’t get lazier than this, love it! They come with all what they need including trash bins! Everything is clean and immaculate and pink if I may add! The technicians are excellent and friendly. I wish they add more technicians cause its becoming more difficult finding appointments.
Instagram:  noon_homespa 
Whatsapp: 0531597978

Those are my 3 favorite ones, in no particular order it just depends whether I want to go to the Salon or do my nails at home. I will keep updating this blogpost as it goes


I have 2 more places I cannot wait to try when I come back to Riyadh which is The Nail Corner and Vernis! 


What’s your current favorite nail salon?