Hello Ladies !!

 Here we are, the review of the most hyped up beauty line! 

 Let’s admit Rihanna put in a lot of thought into her Fenty Beauty line, I liked the fact that she started with complexion! Liquid foundations, stick foundation, contour kits, highlighter sticks, duo highlights and all the tools needed! (no concealers was odd but we will wait and see). She has 40 different shades of foundations and that is a lot! Especially for a new brand! So there is no way that you can’t find your shade in this collection and she also mentioned that they will add more shades soon! 


Liquid Foundation:  So of course we are going to start with the foundation. When I first tried it, I was weirded out because my skin was peeling and it just didn’t look right (nothing would to be honest) So I waited till my skin went back to its normal condition and tried it again. Let’s talk coverage. I would say it’s a medium coverage foundation and can be full coverage if you layered it. It dries quick into a matte silky finish without using powder (I tried it once with powder it caked up pretty quick so yeah don’t use setting powder you do not need it) I used it with the Fenty brush and with the Fenty makeup sponge. With the brush it give you a more full coverage effect, with the sponge it looks a bit more sheer (I used it damp, maybe if I used it dry it will give the full coverage effect) I honestly like this foundation, it does feel like your skin, you don’t feel like there is something sitting on your skin the whole time. My foundation oxidized a little but nothing too noticeable I think the best way to get your real match is that you have to try it in store and come back later to decide, cause you can easily get the wrong shade. 

Highlighters: I loved her powder highlighters!! And they come in 2 singles and 4 duos it was difficult choosing from them honestly so I started with 2 that most appealed to me which are 
Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak: Girl Next door is a soft pink sheen that is so subtle but gives you the right amount of reflect you need during the day. It’s easily used for everyday makeup and I used it also on top of my eye shadow and it was so pretty honestly. 
Chick Phreak is a more shimmery peachy pink highlighter and its equally gorgeous but more visible. I used them as highlights and on top of the blushes and as eyeshadows.. This duo is fantastic.
Mean money/ Hu$tla Baby: This is the more gold-champagne duo. Mean Money is a soft champagne sheen as Girl Next Door, one is gold and one is pink, gold both are gorgeous and suitable for daily use.  
Hu$tla Baby is the more shimmery peachy champagne highlighter and as Chick Phreak I used it as an eyeshadow and as a highlighted and with the blush and all worked perfectly. 
Her highlighters are very well made and very versatile in my opinion. I am glad I picked those 2 duos and I think I will get one of the singles which is Metal mood because u cannot see it! It has no color in it its only a sheen which is something new that I would like to try. The gold one on the other hand was the most talked about highlighter Trophy wife.. Its too gold and chunky for my taste just looks odd on. 


The highlighter brush, unfortunately I picked up the wrong brush, I got the cream highlighter brush not the powder highlighter brush which looks very interesting. As for what I picked up I haven’t used it yet I might try it later on with any of my liquid highlights, I like the packaging though and how compact it is!


Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer: So she launched ONE lip gloss which I think is smart and intriguing, why would she launch ONE lip gloss? Must be something special! I personally loved it! It feels so good and not sticky, its SUPER glossy and changes colors in a very odd interesting way I don’t know how to explain it! It has a very pleasant scent to it and the packaging is nice and compact. BUT is it a must have? To me, it is because its so neutral and works with everything, is there any other lip gloss that gives the same effect? Probably, but I am glad I bought it.


So long story short, I think the highlighters are the highlight of this line! So if you want to start with something get the highlighters!


I will try the rest of the brushes and update this blog later on.


Have you tried any of the Fenty Beauty products?  Please share your experience 


أهلين بنات كيفكم؟ مستعدين نحكي عن أكثر المجموعات اللي سوت ضجه في عالم المكياج
اولا لازم نحكي عن كيف ريهانا فكرت كثير في خطة البراند حقتها فنتي، أنا حبيت أنها بدأت مع أساسيات تغطية البشرة الأساسات السائلة و الجامده، مجموعات الكونتور، و الاضائات، و كل الأدوات اللازمة (مافي مصحح و كنسيلر و هذا الغريب ولكن ننتظر و نشوف). عندها 40 درجه مختلفة من الاساسات من الدرجات الفاتحة جداً الى الغامقة و ٤٠ درجة كثير لماركة توها بادية و قالت انها بتضيف درجات زيادة 
كريم الأساس السائلأول ما بديت أجربه ما حبيته حسيت شكله كان غريب على بشرتي، لأن بشرتي كانت تقشر فلذلك انتظرت حتى ترجع بشرتي إلى حالتها الطبيعية وحاولت مرة ثانيهخلونا نتكلم عن التغطية، التغطية متوسطة ويمكن أن تكون التغطية الكاملة إذا حطيتي طبقتين ، بس لازم تعرفين انه ينشف بسرعه يعني لا تاخذين راحتك بالدمج ،انا لقيت افضل طريقة اني ارطب وجهي مرة كويس قبل ما احطة ،يجف بسرعة في النهاية و ما تحتاجين ابدا تحطين بودرة التثبيت، احساسه على البشرة جداً خفيف ما تحسن فيه و مطفي استخدمته مع فرشاة فنتي ومع إسفنج فنتي . الفرشاة تعطيك تأثير تغطية كامل، مع الاسفنج يكون اخف (أنا استخدمها رطبة، يمكن إذا كانت جافة تعطي تأثير التغطية الكاملةأنا بصراحة مع مثل هذا الأساس أنه يحسسك وكأنه مافي شي على بشرتك.

الإضائه: أنا حبيت الباودر هايلايت !! موجود ٢ الفردي و ٤ مجموعات كان مرة صعب أختار منهم بصراحة حتى بدأت مع ٢ اللي هي، جيرل نيكست دور / شيك فريكجيرل نيكست دور هو لمعة وردي ناعم خفيف جدا يعطيك الكمية المناسبة لحاجتك خلال النهار و ممكن استخدامه في المكياج اليومي، وحلو كظل عين.
تشيك فريك هو أحلى بلون مشمشيجربته بشكل لمعه على الجزء العلوي من البلشر 
Mean money/ Hu$tla Baby: هذا أكثر ذهبي بلون الذهبي اللي على بيجاثنينهم رائعين ومناسب للاستخدام اليومي.
لهم لمعه جيدة جداً و فيه تنوع كبير في رأيي أنا سعيده أني اخترت هذه المجوعات وأعتقد أنني راح أجرب واحد من الفردي وهو ميتال مود  لأنه شفافماله لون  فقط لمعة وهو شيء جديد
فرشاة الهايلايت، للأسف اخترت فرشاة خطأ، أخذت فرشاة الهايلايت كريم مو باودر
بشكل عام عجبتني العلبه و التغليف.
قلوس الشفاةفكرة انها تنزل ملمع شفاه واحد ذكية ومثيرة للأهتمام 
 أنا شخصيا حبيتهاحساسها جيد جدا و مو لزجة، لامعة مرة  وتتغيير الألوان بطريقة غريبة جدا و كمان صغير الحجمبالنسبة لي اللون لأنه محايد جداً يتناسب مع كل شيء، هل فيه أي قلوس او لمعة شفايف تعطي نفس التأثير؟  أكيد فيه يعني مو شي خارج جداً عن المألوف بس حلو عجبني 
بإختصار أكثر شي عجبني في هالمجموعة في المركز الأول الاضاءات و بعدها كريم الأساس، و إذا كنتي تبين تبدأين مع شيء جربي الهايلايت أول
راح أجرب بقية الفرش و أحدث هذه المدونة بوقت ثاني
هل جربتي أي من مكياج فنتي؟