Cleaning my make-up brushes must be on my to-do list every single week if not more often, especially my foundation brush or any brush  I use with creams or liquids I have to clean them after a use or two cause soon bacteria will find a new home and we do not want that! It might also cause some skin problems that we’re better off without, you should clean your brushes at least twice a week! Plus it helps the brush maintain its perfect condition and performance! So if you’re facing unexplainable breakouts or your brush isn’t working as good as it used to then it’s a sign that you need to give your brushes a bath!

The easiest way to do with is fill a cup with lukewarm water, add some of your brush cleanser (I use BareMinerals deep cleansing foam) or baby shampoo into the cup, give it a couple of stirs then dip your makeup brushes in wait for few minutes then start stirring the water using your makeup brushes then take your, one at a time place it under running water massage the bristle till its clean, if it’s still not clean put a drop of shampoo into the palm of your hand and swivel then rinse it off! You can also do the exact same process with conditioner, I don’t usually do that but you can if you want to, after that press each brush into a towel to squeeze any excess water out then place your brushes on and edge of a table or sink to air dry!

Hope you find this helpful .. đŸ™‚