Since Mascaras expire fast, it gets tossed more often than any other product (3 months or so) and they probably cost more, to me what attracts me most bout a mascara is the wand first the formula second cause the wand does all the magic and it really is what differentiate mascaras, so instead of  throwing out my favourite mascara wands I reuse them!

This is also helpful to make-up artists to maintain a clean kit and not use the same mascara on different people, disposable mascara wands are really not that great, just don’t throw your mascara!

For example, you can use your favourite Armani mascara wand with your favourite YSL Mascara tube for the great formula, and here is how I do it..

I fill any cup with lukewarm water, some brush cleanser, makeup remover or anything that cleans makeup and some antibacterial or medical spirit, put your wands in water and leave them for an hour or so, start swirling them for all the formula to melt away, then place the wands under running water, wipe them off with tissue paper and you are good to go!

Have you tried to reuse your mascaras before? Did you find this post helpful? Do you have a different way to clean or reuse your mascaras? Please do share and leave a comment below 🙂