I finally received some stuff  from the Mac & Marilyn Monroe Collection that my friend kindly sent from the states since they’re still not available here.
I was excited about the lipsticks in this collection. To be honest nothing else was intriguing enough to get, so I ended up getting 2 lipsticks and an eyeshadow. The whole idea around Marilyn Monroe and make-up is red lipstick and pretty pearly eyelids and highlights anyway.

  • Charmed I’m sure: is the red lipstick I got, it’s a dark true red with a matte finish. I usually prefer matte lipsticks and add lip gloss if I wanted. It’s a perfect opaque red for fall and winter since it has a little bit of blue undertones to it.
  • Pure Zen: Is the only nude in this collection, I find it more pink than peach nude, it’s a creamsheen finish. I don’t think I can wear this lipstick on its own though, it will look much better if used as a finish on an all over lip pencil.

  • Preferred Blonde: This is the only eyeshadow I decided to get. I thought it would be great as an eyeshadow and a highlighter. It’s a pearly champagne colour with a light glitter chunks in it. I don’t think I can use this as an all over the lid kind of eyeshadow, but I tried it as a highlighter and quite like it. All the eyeshadows in this collection come in the pro long eyeshadow sizes which are the larger ones (0.1OZ)

 Did you get any items from the MAC & Marilyn Monroe collection? What do you think of it?