This is one fun collection! I love the packaging. It is a large collection mainly split to two inspirations, Veronica and Betty.


  • Oh, Oh, Oh: Sheer brown with a shimmery finish. I like this color, very unusual!
  • Betty Bright: Vibrant peach colour with a satin finish. It’s extremely opaque and maybe this is why I hated this color, it really looks like paint on my lips.



  • Ronnie Red: This is a matte bright red! Pretty basic.
  • Daddy’s Little Girl: An opaque violet with a hint of rose and a satin finish.
  • Boyfriend Stealer: Deep black plum with a sheer glossy finish. I didn’t expect to like this colour but I think it might be my favourite! It’s not opaque that you can’t wear it, it’s sheer enough not to be too black! I love it!




Lip Glosses

Kiss and Don’t Tell: A very bright colour, which is perfect on it’s own or on top of a lipstick.



Blush and Beauty Powder
The Betty Blush in Cream Soda looked too light so I decided not to get it. I got the Veronica blush in Prom Princess and it’s a violet pink which might look too bright so I think it should be used light-handedly.



I didn’t quite understand the Beauty Powder in Veronica’s collection. Is it a highlighter or is it a blush? Because most of it is a really light color, and the tiny hearts are a complete other product which is the blush. I can’t imagine someone being able to use them separately every time, BUT if blended together it does look nice and subtle.



And that’s it! Hope you guys find this informative!