I was really looking forward to this collection, besides the summery coolers and shimmers, I was quiet sure I’m gonna love the packaging and I was right! The color and the rubbery feeling is awesome, I wish Mac would change the current packaging to this one!

Anyhoo, I wrote down a list of what I wanted and got them. The Feel My Pulse lipstick, both blushes, one of the bronzing powders, and of course the brush. Usually I don’t go for the brushes but as I mentioned earlier I loved the packaging.

Feel My Pulse: a cream sheen purple lipstick with blue undertones. What I like about this lipstick that it doesn’t feel or look like paint on your lips, usually purple colors just look odd on my lips for some reason but I like this one.

Hot Nights: deep magenta frosty color with a hint of red. This powder blush is very pigmented and you need to be light-handed with it, but it’s bendable.
Ripe For Love: a satin-finish powder blush, the perfect matte peach for a tanned look. I absolutely love this everyday color!
Refined Golden: I got lucky with this color, it’s exactly a shade or two darker than my skin tone, so it will be a perfect bronzing powder. I can see lots of shimmers in the pot I will see how long they last or even of they actually transfer. Either way, this is a workable bronzing powder. And again, looove the packaging.
Lastly, I have the 167E brush: it’s the classic pander brush. I like it cause of the size and the matte handle. I definitely will be carrying it around with me all the time!
That’s it for now I hope I gave you a slight idea about what to expect from this collection! Don’t forget to leave a comment!
Till then …