I can safely say that I never found a shampoo that truly worked for my hair type. I have really soft but wavy hair, so everything I use either weighs it down, dries it out, or just isn’t that great. Although I like the karistase line, but I still believed there was a better product for me out there, that’s when my friend recommended Phylia de M hair care line.
It’s an organic cell and keratin renewal for thicker healthier hair. It claims that it developed a hair care system that effectively brings back hair health and vitality since stress and environmental conditions take their toll on our body’s ability to nurture healthy hair.
So basically it’s a 3 step program: 
Clean, The shampoo. Which is also very good for your skin, nails, and eyebrows (how awesome!)
Condition, which is the cream rinse or the leave-in conditioner whichever way your prefer.
Connect, which is the treatment for follicles, scalp, and hair. It’s a spray you use after showering or whenever you want during the day, the more you use it the more effective it becomes, and it’s also great for your nails and eyebrows! (again awesome check!)
While each of our core products works effectively on its own, they are at their best when used in conjunction with one another. Commitment will reward you with the results. You’ll notice immediate improvement in softness, shine and volume, and with dedicated use, your hair will gain fuller texture and renewed strength
Your hair grows just as a plant does. Your scalp and nerves need nutrients and detoxification just as soil and roots, need pure nourishment in order for blossoms to thrive.
Phylia de M. has developed a one of a kind blend of ingredients, which provides those essentials your hair craves. This proprietary mix works together to bring back total hair health – from cells to keratin, nerves to follicles.
Phylia de M.’s products are made with respect, responsibility, and love.  We promise purity and potency, creating our line from certified organic ingredients, plants, and herbs, raised and cultivated on our own private gardens.
Due to these natural ingredients and varied plant extracts, product color may occasionally vary.
Aloe Blend:
A powerful anti-oxidant, aloe rehabilitates cell damage and assists in the production of keratin, the main component of hair, skin and nails. Our potent, customized aloe blend revives and encourages regeneration.
Tannic Acid: 
When a plant is damaged, it secretes tannic acid to renew and repair. We apply the same method to hair follicles with our pure blend of select tannic acids.
Fulphyl de M:
Fulvic acid provides nutrients to scalp and nerves while removing excess toxins. It transports vital keratin to cells and reminds them to work to their full potential. We use raw organic humic-free fulvic acid that we have developed using our custom bio- technology on raw organic vegetation.
My experience: 
As they promised I noticed an immediate softness in my hair, more volume and shine. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and I’m already obsessed with it. I noticed my hair isn’t falling as much as it used to, so there is some kind of improvement in that area which I’m grateful for, and one thing I have to add is when you style your hair it’s noticeably healthier, more shiny. I’m still waiting for the thicker part to kick in, but I guess it will require some time. I’m very pleased with this product and extremely glad that I gave it a try!
I ordered mine online from their website, I got the 3 step kit which is what I recommend because if you’re gonna give it a try you might as well give it a real one.
That’s it for now! I hope I gave you an idea about this wildly raved about product. In my opinion, it’s a winner!
Please do share your experience with us or if you have any question do not hesitate to leave a comment !
Till then.. xx