Finally I gave in to the hype and tried one of the Glamglow masks. I chose the hydrating mask and i actually really like it! Its more of a a gel than thick mask, you apply it all over your face avoiding the eye area and leave it from 10-20 mins. My skin felt really soft and hydrated afterwards 😍 have you tried their other masks? Which do you recommend i try next? من كثر ما شفت صور هالماسك على انستغرام قررت اجربه. جبت الماسك المرطب و صراحة عجبني مرة خليته لمده ٢٠ دقيقة و غسلته. يناسب كل انواع البشره. ودي اجرب نوع ثاني من نفس البراند. ايش تنصحون؟