Hello Ladies!

Here is something different! We’ve been hearing a lot about the subscription boxes you receive every month full with promoted boxes, mostly are beauty related products which is cool… But I was looking for something different and I found it when I came across Khaleejesque magazine, they have the same service under the name of il.box, what I like about it that it sends you exclusive collaborations and khaleeji inspired products which is something really amazing. I got this quote from them which hopefully explains the whole idea.

Do you constantly read about amazing local and regional designers, products, and brands yet rarely get the chance to experience them? We at Khaleejesque felt that a critical link was missing which is why we came up with the concept il.box.

il.box is designed to surprise and enchant. Each box is curated by the Khaleejesque team and delivered every two months alongside the print issue. This exciting luxury service is available to subscribers in Kuwait, the Middle East and international readers as well.

Featuring a collection of exciting regional businesses as well as exclusive collaborations, limited edition pieces and innovative Khaleeji-inspired products.

Whether you’re buying it as a gift or to indulge yourself, il.box brings you the best of local ideas!

And the idea thats its linked to the magazine also adds to it

Upon creating il.box: our aim was to bring the products we curate in our magazine to life to our audience, so not only are you reading about them, but you also get to experience them. il.box is a platform to showcase small businesses or up and coming concept fresh on the scene and in need of support. We offer our wide range of exposure (6 gcc countries and worldwide audience) in exchange for 50 pieces of an item of the business’s choice. We aim to highlight what the brand owner want pushed on the scene as we cater to elevate their presence in the market.

I have just received my first box in January, and it had lots of interesting products I will break them down to you as we go,

  • Khaleejesque magazine of course, which is always innovation and with very interesting articles. You can find follow their Instagram acc to find out more information about their magazine @khaleejesque
  • The SketchiniZer which is a rally cool idea! It’s a sketchbook/ organizer hybrid, given to designers to be fully equipped on their brainstorming journey. I find it really amazing that this product is available in the middle east and held the creative minds to track down their thoughts and ideas! So thats to the brains behind this brand and idea! Good thing that my sister happens to be an Interior engineer and I think she will love this! @thesketchinizer


  • Folded Founded by the origami guru Ayyub Imtiaz, its basically a unique handmade origami products and what i got is super cool key chain! @foldedkuwait


  • 43 is a game invented by a Kuwaiti graphic designer Reem Marafie. This is one of the things I am excited about! I love all kinds of card games and can’t wait to try this one out! @43_cards


  • Mont8 is basically empowers artists to sell and profit from their work by making it available for everyone. The idea of Bilal Kashi & Omar Odeh. I think its amazing that this available for artists, for them to be able to sell their products. For more info check their Instagram account @montviii



  • DayNAge I got the coolest Captain Majed T-shit! You guys have to check their Instagram account to check all their creative designs! @thedaynage

This is a quick overview of the product I received for the month of January.

As for the subscription and how it goes, I went online and subscribed and got the confirmation in less than 5 minutes! No hassle whatsoever. I even contacted the service for more information and I got a reply right away. This type of service makes a difference at least to me.

How to Subscribe

Lets say its a very pleasant experience and I cannot wait for my next box!

If you’re interested to see what I received more from il.Box please let me know 🙂

If you have any question regarding the products or the service please do not hesitate to ask!